Launching March 2023!

Ditch the pen and paper, and WhatsApp. Start managing your building projects like a true professional with our construction management software.

Manage Projects & Tasks

Manage your building projects with our intuitive, easy to use, interface. Digitise each project and store them in a centralised location. Access your building project's data at the click of a few buttons. Manage what projects you have on right now, which have been completed, and easily pull up past projects.

Client Real-Time Updates

Allow your clients to login to our BuildVue App at any time, day or night, to view real-time progress of their building project. Whether they live down the road, or across the pond. Keep them up to date of any extras in real time to avoid any surprises.

Manage Staff

Keep track of your staff, where they are and what they are doing. With our clear work flow planning they will be able to arrive at a new job, and get started right away. Increase accountability by allowing them to upload photos of their finished work.

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